Retro Western Silk Scarf

  • $50.00

Silk scarves are lovely for bondage. Soft on the skin, easy to tie into basic knots, and of course, the ability to wear your bondage appeal out on date night or during your day to day activities with no one being the wiser is deliciously subversive.

At 26" by 26" this is the perfect size to for a blindfold or gag.

Artwork printed on 100% silk and finished into a lovely long scarf. Choose from our different silks; silk habotai, silk chiffon, silk charmeuse and poly chiffon. Machined baby rolled edge hem finish.

Our Silk Scarves are produced entirely in-house.  We print our fabrics, press them to set the inks, and do all the cutting and sewing by hand.  Each scarf is handled individually and with care.