Premium Leather Ball Handle Flogger

  • $160.00

Crappy floggers make me sad. They are generally cheap leather and tend to weight next to nothing.You are more likely to hurt yourself then your victim as you try to fling this feather weight implement with any sort of accuracy.

Floggers should have a heft to them. They should feel like a real weapon in your hand. That weight helps you aim with precision. They should be well balanced, with nearly half the weight in the handle. And, finally, the texture of the leather should feel amazing, whether buttery smooth deer skin, or slick, evil polished leather. You are, after all, going to be rubbing it all over your submissives raw backside when you are done with them.

Or is it your backside that will be raw?

From the seller:
This fine leather flogger has a polished ball handle for more freedom of movement with an elegant design. Made to fit neatly in the palm, the metal handle allows you to swing in wide arcs, so you can choose the type of impact you desire. The high quality leather falls have a prominent grain, with a luxuriously soft yet substantial feel. The ends are flat tipped for a unique sensation, and the entire piece is weighty and made to las

Measurements: 26.5 inches in length, 2.15 in diameter

Material: Leather, metal

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