Moxie Revolutionary Dog Tags - Coffy

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I've named all of the dog dag designs after amazing women in my life. I was raised in a very white area. Very white. Oh so white. When I moved to San Francisco and discovered cult videos (DON'T FORGET TO REWIND!) I started watching old exploitation films. It started, as it always does for me, with the sexy ones. But eventually I wandered off to the blaxploitation films. I know the history of blaxploitation films is controversial, but that was where I first started learning about race, race relations and stereotypes. This set it named after Coffy, because the tagline "They call her 'Coffy' and she'll cream you!" seems timely.

And also. There's a pun.

• Chain Length/Type: 24.0 inches, Ball Chain
• Brilliantly Crafted by our Expert Design & Master Jewelers.

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