Magic Wand Original

  • $120.00

The One. The only. Do not accept any substitutions.

There has been a Magic Wand in every dungeon I've ever worked in, and every porn set I've ever visited. They are the Cadillac of the vibrator industry.

I'm pretty sure I've seen more men get off with a  Magic Wand then actually masturbate.

What? Yes. Men like vibrations too. Crazy, but true.

The Magic Wand is also great to use on sore muscles. For up to 25 minutes according to the instructions. Personally, that muscle would have to be pretty damn sore to keep this there for 25 minutes without moving it some place a little more intimate.

The Magic Wand has a long and colorful career which you can read more about on Wikipedia.

Dimensions: approx. 13" (length), 2 1/4" (head diameter)