Leather Forced Orgasm Belt

  • $90.00

This is one of my favorite bondage toys. Arms restrained over head. Magic Wand turned on and placed... just so slightly out of reach. Teased, teased, teased... what kind of naughty deeds will you promise to do in order to get me to move it closer?

Will I move it just a little closer... or close enough to actually get you off? Then will I take it away? Or leave you there to come repeatedly.

This belt also comes with a anal plug harness that can be used with a small anal plug for double the pleasure. This is a great item for those that are looking to please their partner and keep in control of their orgasms.

The Forced Orgasm Belt is made of high quality leather. It uses two belt buckle systems to keep it firm and in place. There are three O-Rings attached to the front of the belt.

The hanging leather holder is designed to accommodate a  Magic Wand or a vibrator of similar size and shape, sold separately

Measurements: Fits waists 30 inch to 36 inches in circumference, fits most standard size wand massagers up to 2.5 inches wide, fits anal plugs up to 1.5 inches in diameter

Brand: Strict Leather

Material: Leather, metal

Color: Black

Note: Wand sold separately