Girlfriends Portland Retreat

Girlfriends Portland Retreat

  • $1,500.00

Sometimes girls need a weekend away at the spa, sipping white wine and speculating about what the boys are doing without them.

This is not that weekend.

If your idea of a girls weekend means whisky tasting, sex toy shopping and slipping dollar bills in strippers g-strings, this is your party and I am your hostess! 

I design personalized retreats for groups of women (and occasionally couples) to explore their adventurous side in Portland Oregon. This is perfect for birthday weekends, bachelorette or divorce parties, or just fucking because.

We will talk about what you and your friends want from a personalized retreat. How you want to prioritize your time, how you want to feel, what you want to accomplish. I will make all arrangements and reservations.

These retreats start at four hours. This gives us time for a variety of activities such as dinner in one of Portland, Oregon's amazing eateries, bar and strip club hopping, sex toy shopping and if you really want to know what they boys are doing, we can sneak into the porn theater and stare at them while they masturbate.

Girlfriends Retreats can simply mean meet with your group in the evening of our outing, our I can also plan your entire weekend, including yoga, hikes, shopping and more. Portland is an amazing place to explore!

Retreats start at $1500 for our four hour outing for you and four of your friends which starts with a planning phone call so we can discuss what you want from your weekend. Then I will set up a private place on-line where we can share links and ideas. I will also include lots of activities to entertain your group for the rest of your visit to Portland before and after our time together.

I've spend over ten years exploring the delicious dark underbelly of Portland and I'm sure I will be able to arrange a memorable retreat for you!